Security of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) is mission critical to any Financial Institution. That's why we developed FTCryptor, a two-key data encryption tool that masks sensitive data before you send it to us. IT gives you 100% assurance that sensitive data never leaves your Bank or Credit Union.

The private key is applied to encrypt sensitive data fields within your company. FlowTracker Analytics has no access to the private key, so information cannot be decrypted (returned to original values) until it has been processed by us and returned to your custody. In addition, encrypted data is transferred using secure data communications technology (HTTPS) that further encrypts the entire dataset in transit and at rest.

Compliance - check. Data Security - check. And it's free to our clients.

FTCryptor ensures your Compliance and Data Security officers can have absolute confidence that data security and regulatory compliance are fully and completely assured. It protects you and it protects us, making it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of FlowTracker in your Bank or Credit Union.






We're a Microsoft Cloud Services Partner and can service your licensing needs for Cloud Services. Our pre-built Business Intelligence package leverages the cost-effective, industry leading Microsoft Power BI platform.


OnApproach delivers standardized data warehousing and analytics capabilities to the Credit Union industry, leveraging the CUFX standards developed by the industry.

CU App Store

The CU App Store showcases leading analytics applications designed for the Credit Union Industry, leveraging CUFX interface standards and M360 data model. FlowTracker Analytics SaaS and FT Cryptor are available at the CUAS.
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