• Customer Analytics in Banking - our Industry Point of View

    Explore a 40 year retrospective which takes you on a journey from the 1970s to the present and beyond. Our Banking / Financial Services Industry Point of View provides fresh insights into where we have come from and where we are going.We believe history can inform our future, what matters and what will work are governed by our past experiences. From our perspective, Banking is on the just starting to enter the age of insightful Customer Analytics... and we want to provide you the tools for the job ahead.

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  • BAI Banking Strategies: Measure what you manage

    When talking with Kenneth Cline, editor of the Chicago based Bank Administration Institute (BAI) we suggested a feature article for Banking Strategies magazine.The article essentially does a deep dive into the features and flaws of traditional Bank KPIs and explains the virtues of using Flow of Funds as the basis for measuring Sales, Attrition and Cross Sales in your bank. The full text of the article is provided here for your information and use.

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  • AMIfS Journal: Core Deposit Retention

    The Journal of Performance Management published by the Association for Management Information Management in Financial Services published this piece we authored about achieving accountability and control by eliminating the "noise" in KPIs typical in Banks. Product substitution, cannibalization and the true meaning of Sales, Cross Sales and Attrition are put in focus in this article from a performance management perspective.

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